A little about me

Hello there, I’m Alessio and welcome to my blog! I’m currently working as a Frontend Software Engineer and this blog is where I write about what I learn to learn it better. I also occasionally write about stuff that has nothing to do with software or computers.

Why this blog

Have you ever found yourself listening to other developers mention a term you might understand but wouldn’t really be able to explain if you were asked to define it? Or have you ever heard a term you don’t know at all? What about all the information you stumble upon on the internet when all you’re trying to do is horizontally center a div?

Well all of the above happens to me, and it happens often enough that I decided to blog about it.

Software development and computer science in general are incredibly interesting but it’s such a big world that a developer can’t realistically be expected to know EVERYTHING.

The goal for me here is, when confronted with something new I’m learning, to write about it well enough so that someone else could learn from the resulting blog post. At least if I forget something I learned 6 months ago, I’d like to be able to more quickly brush up on the topic by just reading what I wrote about it earlier.

I wrote my own static website generator (for fun) to create this blog, I hope you enjoy!